Best Toaster Microwave Ovens for Your Family in 2017

Last Updated on June, 2017

Let’s discover which might be the most popular toaster brands and products available for you to consider purchasing in case you do not already owe and use a great toaster oven that features meaningful innovations.

How We Picked

We did a deep dive on each and every piece of information published on the web, includes but not limited to Consumer Reports, ConsumerSearch, Best Buy and Top Ten Reviews, to point out what exactly consumers look for when they purchase an toaster oven.

Then we picked popular 985 toaster ovens on Amazon and researched 1658 amazon verified customer reviews utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. We also researched 2730 Tweets and 62 blog/forum posts to analyze consumer’s sentiment for a respective toaster oven model.

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BLACK+DECKER CTO6335S Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

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BLACK-DECKER-CTO6335SLarge Display for Proper Information Reading

This modern convection oven features a large digital display combined with perfect preset functions that will help you cook various types of foods daily and enjoy eating them with your friends and family members.

Proper Dimensions

The product features a cord length of only 22 inches. Its outer dimensions are: weight – 19 inches, height: 11 inches and length: 13.5 inches. Its inner dimensions are: weight: 13.5 inches, height: 6 inches and length: 12 inches round or 11 inches square.

Perfect Extra Options

The convection oven features perfect extra options for better cooking experiences. It includes a modern timer that allows you the possibility to always know when your food is ready to be served and never get it overcooked by mistake. Not to mention its amazing crumb tray that can be easily removed for better operations every time.

Perfect Match for Large Casseroles

The product can be considered a perfect match for users interested in cooking large amounts of food in large casseroles that are easy to include. You can now have any desired dish ready in no time with the brand new convection oven from Black + Decker.

New Broiling Rack and an Extra-deep Curved Interior

The convection oven features a stylish design through its extra-deep curved interior feature and allows you to take advantage of its new broiling rack for better cooking sessions.

Modern One-Touch Functions

The new device allows access to modern one-touch functions that help you cook easily without extra efforts for perfect results. You can now bake, broil and toast easily and effortlessly.

Make a New Delicious Dish Each Day

Do you enjoy having lunch or dinner with your friends? You can now do that every day in the comfort of your own home with this modern convection oven. You can make delicious bagels, perfect homemade pizzas, get frozen snacks ready to serve in no time or even enjoy fresh new cookies every day.

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Hamilton Beach 31334 Toaster Oven

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Stainless Steel Construction

The microwave oven features a stainless steel construction with amazing grilling features. It does a great job thanks to its 10 power levels for grilling options.

Nice Design

The oven features a stylish design. It includes a glass turntable and the included grill rack is great. You will have so much fun cooking with this tool.

Safety Features

When using smart kitchen appliances, safety is also important to consider. The good news is that this RCA oven features the child lock safety feature which will keep you without any worries about using this smart tool even when there are children in the house.

High Power Output

The microwave oven presents a 1000 watts power output that ensures perfect performance.

Product Dimensions

The oven features the following dimensions: 14 x 18.25 x 24 inches and weighs only 39.25 pounds.

Perfect Reheated Leftovers

The microwave oven is the perfect choice if you need to reheat leftovers of delicious homemade food thus always enjoy a healthy meal at home even when you do not have time to get it done.

Perfect Popcorn for Your Dinner with Friends

The microwave oven enables you to get delicious popcorn done fast whenever you run out while watching a great movie with friends.

Perfect Brown Food

The oven helps you get perfect brown food due to its grill function. This way you will have amazing looking grilled food to serve to your friends when they come to visit.

Amazing Deal for a Decent Price

The microwave oven represents a great deal for the price required for its purchase. It comes equipped with smart functions that totally balance its price.

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Breville BOV800XL Convection Toaster Oven

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breville-bov800xlModern Element IQ

The modern Element IQ featured by this professional toaster oven enables you to get perfect delivery in terms of power and taste whenever you use it for your funny cooking sessions with family and friends.

9 Efficient Preset Functions

The toaster oven comes equipped with 9 amazing preset functions meant to help you achieve perfect results: Toast, Roast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Cookies, Pizza, Warm and Reheat.

Smart Quartz Heating Elements

This device features a 1800 watt power with 5 amazing Quartz heating elements.

Modern LCD Display

This toaster oven also includes modern backlit features and an easy to read LCD display that allows changes in color for keeping you well-informed about the status of your products while being cooked. Changes in color from blue to orange will allow you to know when food is perfectly cooked and ready to be served.

Efficient Product Warranty

Choosing a brand product allows you to be certain of high-performance, good quality and useful product warranty features. With this product you will get a one-year warranty certificate that will keep you safe and certain to get all issues fixed in case anything ever happens to it without extra costs.

Great Results with Proper Installation

All you have to do if you want to achieve amazing results with this new toaster oven it to install it properly and keep it well-cleaned and maintained. You have to place it on a proper level surface and ensure a minimum 4 inch-distance of space on both sides for the proper operation of this appliance.

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