Best Countertop Microwave Ovens for Your Family in 2017

Last Updated on June, 2017

Let’s discover together all there is to know about a professional microwave oven: what it is, what the main benefits of using it might be, how to take advantage of professional features and functions and which might be the most popular brands and products available for you to consider purchasing in case you do not already owe and use a great microwave oven that features meaningful innovations.

How We Picked

Since this is the first iteration of this guide we did a deep dive on each and every piece of information published on the web, includes but not limited to Consumer Reports, ConsumerSearch, Best Buy and Top Ten Reviews, to point out what exactly consumers look for when they purchase an oven.

Then we picked popular 2534 ovens on Amazon and researched 3045 amazon verified customer reviews utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. We also researched 2535 Tweets and 132 blog/forum posts to analyze consumer’s sentiment for a respective microwave oven model.

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BLACK+DECKER CTO6335S Countertop Oven

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blackdecker-cto6335sLarge Display for Proper Information Reading

This modern convection oven features a large digital display combined with perfect preset functions that will help you cook various types of foods daily and enjoy eating them with your friends and family members.

Proper Dimensions

The product features a cord length of only 22 inches. Its outer dimensions are: weight – 19 inches, height: 11 inches and length: 13.5 inches. Its inner dimensions are: weight: 13.5 inches, height: 6 inches and length: 12 inches round or 11 inches square.

Perfect Extra Options

The convection oven features perfect extra options for better cooking experiences. It includes a modern timer that allows you the possibility to always know when your food is ready to be served and never get it overcooked by mistake. Not to mention its amazing crumb tray that can be easily removed for better operations every time.

Perfect Match for Large Casseroles

The product can be considered a perfect match for users interested in cooking large amounts of food in large casseroles that are easy to include. You can now have any desired dish ready in no time with the brand new convection oven from Black + Decker.

New Broiling Rack and an Extra-deep Curved Interior

The convection oven features a stylish design through its extra-deep curved interior feature and allows you to take advantage of its new broiling rack for better cooking sessions.

Modern One-Touch Functions

The new device allows access to modern one-touch functions that help you cook easily without extra efforts for perfect results. You can now bake, broil and toast easily and effortlessly.

Make a New Delicious Dish Each Day

Do you enjoy having lunch or dinner with your friends? You can now do that every day in the comfort of your own home with this modern convection oven. You can make delicious bagels, perfect homemade pizzas, get frozen snacks ready to serve in no time or even enjoy fresh new cookies every day.

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Samsung MG11H2020CT Countertop Microwave Oven

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samsung-mg11h2020ctCounter Top Microwave Oven

The oven is counter top type which allows you to easily place it even in small kitchens where any amount of space you manage to save is important.

Good Interior Material

The microwave oven features a ceramic enamel interior. This is a great choice made by manufacturers with the main purpose of making the tool scratch resistant and very easy to clean. This is highly advantageous because we all know just how important it is to clean your oven very often for ensuring great long-term performance.

Sufficient Capacity for Diversity in the Kitchen

No one wants to eat the same thing every day. When it comes to new kitchen appliances we decide to purchase and use it is very important for them to ensure diversity for us. The oven includes sufficient space for cooking in various recipients either small or large ones thus meet your needs and requirements every time. Its cooking power is of 1000 watts per 1.1. Ft. capacity.

Modern Automatic Cooking Options

This modern oven comes equipped with the necessary automatic cooking options that make things so much easier for you in the kitchen. Any new meal can be easily handled just by pushing one button.

Useful Grilling Element Included

The oven includes a useful grilling element that ensures more diversity in the kitchen. The included ceramic plate together with its grilling options help you prepare delicious crispy foods or tasty homemade pizza without making any fuss about it. It is less consuming, no more useless energy is required to be put into it so there is no more reason why you should not enjoy the benefits of healthy homemade food.

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LG LCSP1110ST Countertop Microwave Oven

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Good Countertop Microwave Oven

This product is a well-performing microwave oven with countertop features which allow it to be properly placed even in a small-size kitchen where you also need to enjoy cooking. For those who like pizza and we all like it, this oven is again a good choice of purchase because large homemade pizzas can now be easily made for your dinner with friends.

Efficient Power and Capacity

The microwave oven features a 1.1 ft. capacity and a 1000 watts power that ensures great performance. 4 different temperature settings enable users to cook to their convenience and never compromise on quality and taste.

Great Variety of Functions

The oven includes a wide variety of functions that make it a good choice for various reasons and purposes. It offers access to 4 reheat functions, 3 automatic defrost options, 2 quick touching cooking features as well as 4 power levels to get things ready fast and well. In addition, the oven also features 4automatic pizza functions, 4 bake options and very important to mention, the child lock function. Security is also important when it comes to using kitchen appliances especially when you have children in the house. This way, you can rest assured that your tool does the job well and never puts your children at risk.

Extra Oven Performance

The varied temperature settings featured by this microwave oven as well as the 4 bake settings allowed by it are highly beneficial for users. Why? Because they offers extra oven performance which makes this product a good choice both for family use and for students who also need to heat and cook foot in their college dorms.

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Westinghouse WCM660W Countertop Microwave Oven

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westinghouse-wcm660wElegant Finish

This countertop microwave oven features an elegant white finish that perfectly matches its modern options and functions. This way, you do not only benefit from using a high-performance tool to help you with your cooking needs but also get a brand new kitchen accessory.

Convenient Cooking Power Levels

The product features 6 convenient power levels that will enhance your cooking results. You can cook at high, medium to high, medium, medium to low, defrost and low levels. This allows you to establish perfect conditions for cooking any dish according to necessary requirements for great results in terms of taste.

Useful Timer

The product also comes equipped with a 30 minute timer that will always keep you well- informed about the status of your food. It attracts your attention through an audible signal at the end of the cooking session.

Easy to Use

The countertop microwave oven is easy to use. It features am easy to grasp type of handle that allows you to open and close the oven door easily without any disturbing noises.

Modern Dial Controls

The oven is the perfect option for users interested in a useful, simple tool with basic operation features. It includes rotary dial controls that allow you to benefit from what you need by establishing your own settings.

Powerful Device

The microwave oven features a 600 watts power which is perfect for daily cooking activities. Its spacious cavity interior allows users to cook sufficient amounts of food for their family and friends. You cannot only cook but also reheat already cooked food and broil with this device. Versatility is its main advantage.

Perfect Choice for Small Kitchen Spaces

The dimensions featured by the product makes it the perfect match for a small –size kitchen: 13.62 inches x 10.31 inches x 17.81 inches and 23.1 pounds weight.

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Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ Countertop Microwave Oven

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panasonic-nn-sn651bazThe Benefits of Inverter Technology

This microwave oven allows users to take advantage of the modern inverter technology. It enables even cooking for every new dish you decide to try out. In addition, it delivers perfect flavors every time you cook something for yourself, your family or friends.

High Power for Perfect Performance

The microwave oven features a high power of 1200 watts that enables perfect performance. You will be able to cook perfect dishes fast without wasting precious time as you used to in the past when modern technology was not available for you.

Sensor Technology

The oven also features the one-touch genius sensor cook option. Together with the reheating feature, this option enables you to benefit from automatic settings as well as the keep warm feature that brings added benefits for you.

Delay Options

With this product, you can now also take advantage of the delay start and timer options. This offers you perfect control during the cooking sessions to ensure perfect results in terms of quality and taste. In addition, we should not forget about the amazing quick minute option as well as the Popcorn Key featured by the oven. You will certainly have fun using these features as well.

Efficient Dimensions

The microwave oven features advantageous interior dimensions: 9 15/16 inches height, 13 15/16 inches weight and 14 3/8 inches depth. As far as outside dimensions go, here are the values: 12 ¼ inches height, 20 11/6 inches weight and 15 13/16 inches depth.

Elegant Finish

This countertop microwave oven from Panasonic is made available in black color that perfectly matches its elegant design. This makes it a proper choice both in terms of performance and design. You will be able to perfectly match it to your nicely decorated kitchen space and take advantage of it for a long time.

Smooth Door Movement Allowed

The microwave oven comes equipped with a small indentation feature on the upper left corner of its door which allows it to nicely. open.

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Hamilton Beach 31100 Countertop Oven

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hamilton-beach-31100Large Capacity for Your Cooking Casseroles

When you choose a modern countertop oven, you can do more than just cook. You can heat food that was previously cooked, boil, roast and cook delicious dishes. This countertop oven features a large capacity that allows you to make delicious 12 inch –pizzas that you can share with your friends and fit in large casseroles in which you can either cook or reheat food.

Interesting Features Included

The countertop oven from Hamilton Beach includes two baking pans, useful broiler racks, all sorts of efficient rotisserie accessories as well as two cooking racks that you will enjoy using.

Interesting Timer Settings

This product features timer settings that will allow you to cook according to the specific requirements of every new dish you want to try out. You can now easily broil and bake without having to check the oven all the time because the timer can easily be set to inform you whenever the dish is ready to be taken out of the oven.

The Advantages of the Convection Technology

This oven is based on the convection technology that ensures faster baking. This will allow you to bake delicious food every day thus enjoy the benefits of eating healthy homemade food without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. Due to its smart features, you will also be able to do more in less time without having to become an expert in cooking. All you have to do is get the ingredients ready, press the necessary buttons and establish the settings and the oven is ready to cook for you.

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