Types of Microwave Ovens

There are three main types of microwave ovens available for purchase either online or in specialized stores:

  • Solo Microwave Ovens: Their most distinctive feature is the inclusion of a single magnetron used for the production of microwaves. It is somehow limited in terms of functions in comparison to other microwave ovens, being able to handle cooking operations like heating or boiling but not baking or roasting. These are actually the most basic type of microwave ovens available on the market and the ones that feature the lowest prices for purchase. These used to be popular in the past but not so much now when new models with more advanced features have been designed to help users get everything they need in terms of cooking with a single appliance.
  • Grill Microwave Ovens: Their most distinctive feature is represented by the heating coils that induce a rotating or grilling operation when the oven is in grill function. This way, you can enjoy toasting bread for example. However, this is not the only possible function of this type of microwave oven. The grilling operation can be completed by the microwave function and these two functions can even operate simultaneously thus offering you the change to enjoy the benefits of two products in a single device. This type of microwave ovens is clearly preferred by users in comparison to solo models because they offers more advantages for decent prices required for their purchase.
  • Convection Microwave Ovens: This type of microwave ovens is considered the most advanced one due to their modern featured options and functions as well as their modern way of operating. Such a product actually includes both the microwave oven function and the coils used for heaters and grilling combined with a professional blower to help cook the food well. The cavity temperature is easily controlled by the connected thermostat thus making this type of oven become the most versatile kitchen appliance that you could use to make the most delicious cakes and dishes for your dinner with friends and family members.

Wide Variety of Styles:

When it comes to modern microwave ovens and their functions, we can say that there is a wide variety of styles to consider and analyze before making the perfect choice according to users’ needs and preferences in terms of cooking.

You will also discover online a wide range of microwave oven sizes that will allow you to choose according to your own kitchen space requirements without having to compromise on quality and performance. Let’s see which might be the most popular styles encountered in the case of modern microwave ovens:

  • Countertop Microwave Ovens: This is a popular style when it comes to microwave ovens due to its compact and portable features. It is actually the smallest type of oven and the most popular one among customers worldwide. These are mostly used for reheating operations as well as other small and fast cooking tasks that we all enjoy doing at home especially when we live in a small apartment where all the cooking is done in a small kitchen. When your kitchen is so small that you might think that even a countertop oven might take up too much of its space, we recommend you to consider choosing one with additional kits that enable you to mount it under a cabinet thus get this problem fixed.
  • Above-Range Microwave Ovens: Their most distinctive feature is represented by their specific design developed for being placed above the kitchen range. These are also considered number 2 in terms of popularity among customers worldwide when it comes to styles and functions featured by a modern microwave oven. An added advantage in their case is the fact that most of them also come equipped with multi speed fans used to enable air recirculation through charcoal filters. Such filters are easy to be replaced and can be found online or in any specialized store. These are placed over the stove so you need to make sure you have the proper space there for their installation in your kitchen.
  • Microwave Ovens Featuring Smart Drawers: How about taking advantage of amazing, smart drawers coming right out of the microwave oven? These items are considered somehow innovative in this area but have already become widely appreciated by customers because they do not take on too much valuable counter space. Furthermore, these offer you the benefit of having them easily installed and used according to your own needs and requirements.
  • Microwave Ovens in Terms of Size and Power: Size is always important when discussing kitchen appliances. We always want something small that might come in handy in our little kitchen but this should never mean that we must compromise on quality and performance just for portability and compact features. This is why we recommend you to also consider using a medium to large size microwave oven if you have big plans for your future cooking experience and do not only consider making popcorn or just baking some delicious potatoes on weekends. With mid-size microwave ovens you gain access to expanded features and functions that will allow you to do so much more with a simple microwave oven. Larger size also means more power that equals better performance in case of kitchen appliances. Size and power are both very important features to consider so you should make your research before the new purchase so that you might make a well-informed choice that will prove to be advantageous for you on the long run.

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