Basic Components of a Microwave Oven

A microwave oven represents the most popular kitchen appliance used to heat and cook delicious food. It functions by exposing food to microwave radiation in an electromagnetic type of spectrum.

At the most basic level, every microwave oven is a steel type of box that features a useful opening on its front side fitted with a door that includes hinges on one side and a latch on the other side.

The inside of the microwave oven is usually called the oven cavity and it is where the heating and cooking processes take place. It is usually made up of steel for good resistance and for eliminating unwanted risks while being used.

Modern microwave ovens feature a control panel that is useful and intuitive for users as well as an efficient display section that enables users to gain access to all sorts of settings required for proper cooking.

The generating device of the microwave oven is called a magnetron and it represents the actual heart and soul of this device. The interior space also features a fan that enables the oven to be properly cooled during its operation.

For ensuring uniform cooking of all sorts of foods, a modern microwave oven also comes equipped with a turntable that rotates automatically during the cooking process.

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