3 Best Microwave Oven Igniter Reviews


GE WB13K21 Oven Igniter

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Works as Promised

The oven igniter functions as well as promised. You will get perfect quality from a small item that will enable your favorite oven to operate perfectly once again.

Perfect Replacement

It is the perfect replacement for the oven models for which it was intended to work. It can be easily placed inside the oven right after the removal of the old igniter that no longer functions.

Genuine Replacement Part

This is a genuine replacement part for your professional oven not a fake product that might only promise good quality. It does a great job, looks exactly as presented in the pictures and does everything it is supposed to do as long as it is well installed.

One-minute Installation

You can install it on your own easily and fast. No tricks to know and no complex steps to follow for easy, perfect installation.

Perfect Balance between Price and Features

When your oven no longer seems to have the power to go on, consider fixing it by using a new igniter rather than replacing it with a much more expensive product. This igniter is a perfect match for your professional oven and features great functions that totally balance its price.


Whirlpool 98005652 Oven Igniter

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Perfect Match for a Wide Variety of Ovens

This electric oven igniter is the perfect match for numerous Whirlpool and Roper ovens so if you are a fan of these two brands you get high chances of being able to use it as a perfect item replacement for your professional kitchen appliance.

Powerful Construction

The oven igniter features a powerful construction that enables it to resist well in time even when the oven is used very often at the highest levels.

Fast Installation

The item is easy to install by following the instructions you receive with the package – no specialist required for the installation – you can easily do it on your own.

Perfect Dimensions

It features the following dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches, perfect for various models of Whirlpool ovens. It weighs only 3.2 ounces thus being easy to handle during the installation process.

Less Expensive that Other Products

This oven igniter is less expensive that other professional oven items yet does not make any compromise on quality and performance.

Perfect Fix for Your Oven’s Issues

Installing the new oven igniter can transform a useless oven into a perfectly functional one that will heat accordingly thus help you cook delicious food.


Supco TJ90SGR403 Oven Igniter

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Works Exactly as It Should

This oven igniter offers great quality and performance for your oven thus making it your best friends in the kitchen once again.

Easy Installation

The item is very easy to install. All you have to do is remove the old igniter that is no longer beneficial for you and your oven and install the new one that you have purchased just by following the few small steps found inside the instructions document that you receive with the package.

Less Expensive

This igniter is less expensive when compared to other professional items available on the market. This does not mean less quality or lower performance for your oven.

Fast Delivery

If you have decided to purchase it, you will be glad to hear that it will be shipped to you fast thus enabling you to solve your problem in no time without paying anything else than a decent price for great quality.

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